ABOUT: the newborn english brother

Even if i'm busy tiding up the new house, studying and taking care of -read : "playing with"- the new kitty (see picture above) , I've finally found out how to make a blog with this.. thing.

So ok , here we go! for the foreign friends that can't speak italian and sighed because they couldn't understand what the hell am i writing, here's the english version of our love-flavored blog...

First things firsts, presentations: I am Beatrice and i live with Moreno since a few months, we're an open couple and we started our polyamorous adventure together.
As i already posted a few things in italian , i'll start translating them first, but I don't think the english post and the italian one will (or should) be completely identical.

There are many reasons, one of those is that the english speaking environment is different than the italian one when it comes to polyamory, especially the virtual one: while the web is full of blogs , websites and discussion groups about polyamory, italians know few or nothing about it, and there is not a real poly community in our country (blame the Pope!).

So I think i should explain a few things to the italian public, things that are already obvious in a more liberal country. While the italian blog also has the purpose to explain to non-english speaking italian people what polyamory is, i'm sure anyone that speaks english can find better websites-blogs that explain clearly the basics of polyamory.
So i'll just use the english blog to tell our story and what polyamory means to us.
Hope you enjoy!